We love the work animal rescues do and want to support you!

Active Fundraisers

Save $$$ and Support Your Favorite Animal Rescues!

Simply use their special promo code(s) when checking out and you'll save money and we will donate a portion of the proceeds to that rescue. If two codes are listed, the first is for skin care the second is CBD products, unfortunately they can not be combined.

Adobt a Husky, Inc
Discount Code: AAHI or AAHI/CBD
Website | Facebook
Carol Stream, IL

A Place to Bark
Discount Code: APTB or APTB/CBD
Website |  Facebook
Portland, TN

Blackdog All Breed Rescue
Discount Code: BABR or BABR/CBD
Website |  Facebook
Glenview, IL

Chicagoland Bully Breed Rescue
Discount Code: CBBR or CBBR/CBD
Website |  Facebook
Chicago, IL

Chicago French Bull Dog Rescue
Discount Code: CFBR or CFBR/CBD
Website |  Facebook
Chicago, IL

Echo Dog White Shepard Rescue
Discount Code: ECHO or ECHO/CBD
Website |  Facebook
Cedar Lake, IN

Felines and Canines
Discount Code: F&C or F&C/CBD
Website | Facebook
Chicago, IL

German Shepard Rescue
Discount Code: GSR or GSR/CBD
Website | Facebook
Skokie, IL

Hoopeston Animal Rescue Team
Discount Code: HART
Website | Facebook
Hoopeston, IL

Hope Animal Rescue
Discount Code: HAR
Website | Facebook 
Edwardsville, IL

Illinois Doberman Rescue
Discount Code: IDR+ or IDR+/CBD
Website | Facebook
Chicago, IL

Discount Code: K94KEEPS/CBD
Website | Facebook
Chicago, IL

Mercer Rescue
Discount Code: MAR
Website | Facebook
Chicago, IL

Operation Bring Home Animals
Discount Code: OBAH or OBAH/CBD
Pewaukee, WI



Scout's Honor Animal Rescue
Discount Code: SHR
Website | Facebook
Houston, TX

Starfish Rescue
Discount Code: SFR or SFR/CBD
Website | Facebook
Plainfield, IL



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