Fundraisers: Let Us Thank You for All You Do for These Sweet Animals, the Community, and the World!

The work you do changes people and pet's lives on a daily basis. ResQ Organics products are doing the same, only in a different way. We are excited to partner up with you to run a fundraiser to help you earn funds easily while helping us reach (and help heal) more furry friends nationwide. Together we can really make a significant difference!

Our goal is to help raise $50,000 for rescues across the country this year. This being said, we have devised a plan that we hope you like.

We will create a discount code specifically for you that will give your supporters 50% off any of our skincare products. Each time this code is used ResQ Organics will donate another 20% to your rescue for each purchase.

(To give you an idea of how much could be raised, if one person purchased an 8oz Skin Care Treatment, one of the most popular items sold, using your promo code your organization would receive $5.00). The people that support you save money, your rescue earns money, the animals experience amazing healing for their skin conditions!

Prepping Suggestions:
Know who we are. If you have had experience with ResQ Organics already then you may be familiar with everything we treat. If you haven't, please take a moment to check out the testimonials (and love stories) to understand why we know ResQ Organics is improving people and pet's lives. It brings us to tears constantly, as people come forth to share their stories. We have witnessed that successful fundraisers happen when personal experience/personal endorsements are shared on social media and in e-newsletters so using the product is encouraged. Substantial discounts and product samples may be available, please call us to enroll your organization.