CBD For Canines, 300mg Beef & Cheese

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Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats – 300mg (w/real Beef & Cheese Flavor so it tastes like a treat!)

🐾 DOG & CAT APPROVED: Looking for a natural product for your furry friend’s ailments? Terpene-rich, organic CBD hemp oil tinctures have been proven to work well for dogs and cats of all ages, breeds and sizes.

🐾 SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Our pet tincture is formulated with pure organic highest-grade CBD hemp oil, hemp seed oil, and real beef and cheese flavor – providing your pet with a high grade full-spectrum liquid supplement they’ll actually look forward to taking. Works naturally with no side effects.

🐾 100% QUALITY ASSURANCE GUARANTEE: Not all CBD oil is created equal. Our main priority is pet wellness. Made in the USA, our food grade, third-party tested, well-balanced formula is non-GMO and pesticide-free.

🐾 VET RECOMMENDED: Veterinarians everywhere are now recommending calming hemp oil for: pets’ overall health and well-being.

🐾 SUBSCRIBE AND SAVE: Dietary supplements produce the best effects when taken regularly. Every BODY is different this applies to pets too! Individual variation is expected and your pet may respond in a short (or longer) time-frame. Unlock extra savings when you subscribe to monthly auto-shipments. Cancel at any time.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee: We will gladly accept unopened products purchased at ResQOrganicsPets.com or ResQOrganics.com for return or exchange within 30 days. For returns received within 30 days of delivery, we’ll credit your original form of payment.

All of our CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC and all of our CBD products are legal in all 50 states.

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CBD Terpene Rich Hemp Oil, Organic Hemp Seed Oil. Real Beef and Cheese Flavor.

11 reviews for CBD For Canines, 300mg Beef & Cheese

  1. Michelle Ploughman

    Running & Jumping Again! We are knew to using this product, but have (3) rescue Bostons with varying degrees of anxiety and joint issues. Since beginning the use of CBD oil twice a day, they are running and jumping like middle-aged peers! As seniors they will never show signs of puppy energy, but the comfort and playfulness we’ve seen is much improved and has improved their quality of life. Excited to see how they continue to improve!

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  2. Kathy Lesinski

    Highly Recommend! I have been giving the CBD oil to my 15 year old senior dog with dementia for about a week now and it’s been great. He is so much calmer and happier. He is sleeping better and it’s obvious he has less pain in his joints too. I am so grateful to have found this product and highly recommend it.

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  3. Colleen Hallberg-Berg

    CBD for the WIN! I am in animal rescue and have a foster dog with cancer. ResqOrganics was amazing and donated a bottle of CBD oil for the dog. Poor Oreo had been sluggish and wasn’t eating well. After a couple days off taking the CBD oil 2ce a day his appetite picked up and this morning my 12 yr old granddaughter was absolutely thrilled (NOT) that she got to chase Oreo for 3 blocks before I pulled up in the car and he hopped right in. LOL. I was so excited to see him take off like that. Well not thrilled about it but definitely excited he could. What a difference this has made. Thank you so very much!

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  4. Chris Adler

    Increased Vitality! We have been giving CBD oil from ResQ Organics Pets to our 18-year-old rescue dog, Roscoe for a number of weeks. He seems much more active and happy and has a much higher quality of life. I cannot say enough positive things about Hope Black and her compassion towards rescues. Thank you!

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  5. Susan D

    Excellent Product! I purchased this for my dog who has extreme thunder anxiety. While it didn’t fully relieve his anxiety/fear of thunder it helped calm him and minimalized the pacing and panting as well as help with his destructive behavior. It is easy to dispense. I will be purchasing this product again!

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  6. Andrea

    Life changing! My dog lived through extensive abuse as a puppy. That trauma left permanent and significant damage. Among other telltale signs of the past life she endured, she was diagnosed with end-stage arthritis in her entire hind end at the age of 5. She’s now 10+ years old and with a daily dosage of ResQOrganics CBD oil, she continues to run and wrestle with my other dog. She bounces to the closet where leashes are kept at the prospect of our daily walk and she still willingly jumps up on the bed or couch for snuggles. This product truly has given my girl a quality of life in her golden years that I wasn’t sure she’d be able to have. I am eternally and immensely grateful.

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  7. Shirley London

    Lola loved this! Our Yorkie Lola was very sick and consequently she was restless and anxious. The beef flavored CBD oil was so helpful calming her and enabling her to sleep restfully. She loved the taste and we loved how helpful it was for her.

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  8. Kelli

    Amazed, this product is awesome! My 12 year old pit bull mix was somewhat depressed, not interested in food or walks, she has arthritis in her back which affects her legs. Although she never acted like she was in pain her legs would give out on her, I’m grateful to my veterinarian that recommended this product. My dog is now eating really well and she has way more pep in her step. Her legs still give out on her but she seems so much happier now and that’s what I wanted for her as a senior dog.

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  9. Kathleen Christensen

    Old girl, young again! This CBD oil has brought life back for our Doberman, she suffered an injury when she was younger and it has now caused her to have pain in that hip. This
    product has her walking with us everyday and not limping as much, especially with the Fall temps dropping! Wouldn’t go without it!

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  10. Samantha Samuel

    I was a non-believer. My pit/lab mix has major ACL in her left back leg and patella issue in her right back leg. She is only 4.5 years old.
    Vet prescribed her pain meds that only knocked her out. I then tried supplements. Lastly, out of desperation, this brand of CBD that someone sent to me to try.
    It said it may take up to 2 weeks to see benefits. Within 20 minutes she got off of her bed she had been in all day as silly as she used to be and happy. Anxiety improved.
    Within the following months of being on it, she limped less and less.
    It was started to wean her off everything else one by one slowly to see if she had a change of improvement. She did not…until I stopped the CBD. Her left knee started to get very painful again and loss of mobility after stopping this CBD. I put her back on pain meds and she continued to decline.
    She is now back on just the CBD without pain meds until I can afford the surgery. This product did also help with her anxiety.
    I am thankful that this helps he until I can afford to have her surgery next month.

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  11. Michelle Szela

    Great Product for Anxiety. My rescued little Corgi is terrified of loud noises, especially fireworks and thunderstorms. We have tried so many products that our vet had recommended but nothing seemed to work well. My friend who owns a Doggie Daycare and Boarding facility told me about ResQ Organics. The first time we used the CBD Oil, he loved the taste (beef and cheese) and to my amazement became unaffected from the storm and slept through the night. I wish we found this product years ago so he wouldn’t have suffered through so much anxiety. We can’t thank you enough!

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