Skin Care for Pets

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“After our Golden-Doodle Sammi was groomed we discovered that he was nicked with the clippers just behind his ear on his head. Within a few days of his scratching, it got much worse and turned into a typical “Hot Spot.” We took him to our vet and he put him on antibiotics, topical creams and finally after nothing seemed to work, steroids to stop the itching and allow the wound to heal. For the next several weeks he lived in the “cone of shame.” Every time we took it off him he instantly scratched the wound. He was miserable, with trying to scratch and walking into chairs and door-frames. 

At the time we were developing the ResQ Organics Skin Treatment and knew that it could be beneficial for Sammi’s Hot Spot. The Cehami relieves pain and itch on contact and the Manuka Honey promotes rapid healing, so we tried it. The next time we took the cone off of Sammi so he could eat, he didn’t scratch! At last, our boy had relief. We applied the skin cream twice a day and in several days the wound had completely healed. Our ResQ Organic Skin Treatment worked when nothing else did! It’s because of our experience with Sammi that we knew that we had to develop our skin care product to help animals as well as people.” — Hope & Terrence Black

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